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Trey Daniels

Trey Daniels comes from humble beginnings in Tampa, FL and has emerged to be one of the top Saxophonists in the music industry. The story behind his unique approach to music starts with a miraculous, premature birth. Born at just 2 lbs. 8 oz., as an infant he was unable to use his own lungs to breathe – so, he says, “It’s truly a miracle that I am able to do what I do today and also the reason I perform with such passion, energy, and honesty.”

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What Clients Are Saying...

Trey’s energy and unique talent have easily become a crowd favorite at several of our live music series including Night Market and Happiest Hour. He provides top of the line service, is always prompt and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to hosting Trey Daniels Music for future endeavors.

Ashley Hamilton, Home Depot

“I would like to personally thank you for your time and excellent display of your unique skills – and for the invested time and service provided by your exciting performance.”

Catherine Wilkins, Porsche

“Man, I’ve never heard a more amazing saxophone player than the supremely talented, Trey Daniels. ”

Dominique Wilkins, NBA Hall of Famer


Sax Therapy

Listen to the Saxophonic stimulations of Trey Daniels as he infuses R&B, Jazz, Trap, Hip-hop, and Pop all into one vibe.


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Becoming a Full Time Musician
Becoming a Full Time Musician

FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!!! I’m not knocking anyone who has a 9-5 job nor am I attempting to influence someone to quit their job and pursue their dreams. But I have to tell MY story. If you take something away from it and can apply a lesson or principle to your life, you will be better for it. My Mom always…

What Music Means to Me
What Music Means to Me

Music is known as being the “universal language”. It’s allowed me to connect with people all across the world from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. But to me, the definition proves to be deeper than that. Music serves as a means of healing and togetherness. Frequencies and wavelengths of sound convert to energy. That energy is then transferred to extract…

“The Songstress & TD”
“The Songstress & TD”

THE CALL I’m going to take my time and accurately tell this story. I want to be transparent and clear in my thoughts to give you some deep insight on a series of events that literally changed my musical life. I am a proud alumnus of Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. It was there that I pledged into the…